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Friday post series #10

Something a little different this week… instead of posting an “I want to do that” kind of post, I’m sharing my “21 Before 22” list. It’s kind of like those … Continue reading

October 26, 2012 · 3 Comments

Monday post series #7: photoshoots I’ve loved (Factory Fashion chanls Andy Warhol)

This week its Factory Fashion’s tribute to Andy Warhol. This is amazing. The models are carbon copies of the iconic star. The colourful backgrounds and key lighting emphasise the white … Continue reading

August 6, 2012 · 2 Comments

Wednesday post series #5: what inspires me at the moment

I know I’m a day behind, I was out for dinner last night and didn’t get home til late, I’ll be more diligent next week with posting on the day … Continue reading

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Monday post series #4: photoshoots I’ve loved

This week it’s “Shelving the Body” by Darragh Casey. This is really interesting, it’s a different take on the “I’ll photograph my family with their possessions” kind of shoot. The … Continue reading

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Wednesday post series: #3: what inspires me at the moment

This week it’s the website You Are Not A Photographer.This isn’t so much an “inspiration” post as a “review” post. This site is AMAZING. As a photographer myself, I obviously … Continue reading

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Tuesday post series #3: vidoes I’ve loved

This week it’s “Much Better Now”. This is incredible, it’s a mixed-media short film about a bookmark who falls out of his book and goes on an amazing adventure! The character itself is quite likable, I think and the narrative is solid and runs through the whole video.

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Friday post series #2: bucket list

I’ve had an uber busy weekend, from working to seeing the new exhibition in the Gallery of Photography to hanging my own photographs in a group exhibition so I’ve only … Continue reading

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Wednesday post series #1: what inspires me at the moment

Following on from yesterday’s post about series and the like, here is the first of my Wednesday posts. I’m shooting my friends Chesney and Conor in studio tomorrow so therefore … Continue reading

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New post series: Friday Bucket list #1

I’ve been horrible and neglecting this blog of late so I’ve gotten myself organised I’m starting a blogging series. One post type for Monday through Friday. Monday’s will be photo-shoots … Continue reading

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“Devoillee” Numero April 2012

The Numero spring 2012 fashion shoot is an ethereal exposition of spring style. The images are grainy and soft-foucsed, emphasising the model and the textures of the clothes. Wafts of … Continue reading

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