Friday post series #10

Something a little different this week… instead of posting an “I want to do that” kind of post, I’m sharing my “21 Before 22” list. It’s kind of like those “30 Before 30” lists I’ve seen on a lot of other blogs. If this one doesn’t work out (I’m 22 on the 10th of April, 2013), I’m going to transfer these goals and make a 30 Before 30 list instead (seems more do-able;)).

So here goes:

1. Create an inspiration board / mood board. (Already kind of started, I’m collecting inspiring things from magazines and things & keeping them in a file).

2. Create an inspiring studio space. (Ideally this would be a film production studio too, but one can dream ;))

3. Discover new artists / bands

4. Project 365. (Don’t think this is going to get done, I’m bad with that kind of thing)

5. Shoot videos / photos for money. (I gotta eat ;))

6. Make business cards (This has been on my “Future” to-do list for so long…)

7. Start video blogging. (Not so sure about this one, I hate the sound of my own voice….)

8. Design my dream wardrobe

9. Have a mother / daughter day. (Will probably happen at the weekend, so that’s pretty easy)

10. Have a solo exhibition / group exhibition (will happen in February, all going to plan, so eeek)

11. Hang my own photos (Will also probably happen in February)

12. Start graphic design properly

13. Learn CS5 Design Standard. (Getting there…)

14. Cover my bedroom walls in photos

15. Shoot all my camera film (So many rolls….)

16. Make business goals

17. Buy a new camera

18. Start practicing guitar again

19. Make enough money to live comfortably

20. Update CV regularly / keep current

21. Start putting myself forward for projects (need to get over my shyness…)


So, do you have any lists like this? What are some of your goals? Do you keep a long-term list or a weekly list? Let me know in the comments

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Monday post series #7: photoshoots I’ve loved (Factory Fashion chanls Andy Warhol)

This week its Factory Fashion’s tribute to Andy Warhol. This is amazing. The models are carbon copies of the iconic star. The colourful backgrounds and key lighting emphasise the white wigs that all the models are wearing.



All images from Trend Hunter, click on the image to go to the website

What do you think of these androgynous looks? Did they go “too far”?

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Wednesday post series #5: what inspires me at the moment

I know I’m a day behind, I was out for dinner last night and didn’t get home til late, I’ll be more diligent next week with posting on the day I’m supposed to! This week it’s “Two Of Us”, a photographic project by Fan Shi Shan. This is amazing, it’s a portrait series on people who grew up during China’s one-child policy. It is a comment on that policy and on what could have been. The photographs themselves are haunting as they could have been a reality, if the child had been born in another country.ImageImageImageImageImage

All images from PetaPixel (click on image to go to website)

What do you think of this series? Is it a comment on China‘s policies or is too “out there” to suggest that the policy is backwards?

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Monday post series #4: photoshoots I’ve loved

This week it’s “Shelving the Body” by Darragh Casey. This is really interesting, it’s a different take on the “I’ll photograph my family with their possessions” kind of shoot. The composition is great, it doesn’t take away from any part of the photo and each object is given equal weight and prominence in the photograph. This is an inspiration-type post for me, too as I’m looking to start an archive project but I need ideas on what to do.ImageImage

Wednesday post series: #3: what inspires me at the moment

This week it’s the website You Are Not A Photographer.
This isn’t so much an “inspiration” post as a “review” post. This site is AMAZING. As a photographer myself, I obviously find this hilarious but for other people it’d be hilarious too.
It’s a blog-style website, probably made with WordPress ;), it looks a little like a Tumblog (is that what you say? I don’t know, I don’t use Tumblr). People submit photographs by people who think they’re photographers but so obviously aren’t, like people who post every photo they ever take into a “Photography” album on Facebook.
Examples of awful photography include: a baby shoot, with the baby beside a food mixer, on a kitchen counter (sounds OK so far right? Wait for it…), beside this baby is a second baby… in the BOWL of the food mixer! What kind of vibe is this “Photographer” (the caption on the photo is “[Someone] Photography LLC”, who gave this person a licence?!) trying to convey? Cue dead baby jokes.
In short, this website is a goldmine on what NOT to do when photographing. One for the bookmarks, for sure.

Also, excuse the lateness of this post, my internet was down all day yesterday :(

Friday post series #2: bucket list

I’ve had an uber busy weekend, from working to seeing the new exhibition in the Gallery of Photography to hanging my own photographs in a group exhibition so I’ve only got time to post about this series now. I’m sitting in my room, listening to the rain batter the window outside so I thought I might as well post this now. So sorry about it being a couple of days late!

#2: Celebrate folk traditions by attending Feile Iorras

Feile Iorras is an annual international folk festival held in Dublin in July.

“One of the main aims in setting up the Feile was to promote integration and understanding between the people of Erris and various communities throughout the world. This is done by inviting groups from around the world to take part in the festival and to maximize contact between the groups and the people of Erris during the Feile.”

Here are a few photos from last year’s festival:


Wednesday post series #1: what inspires me at the moment

Following on from yesterday’s post about series and the like, here is the first of my Wednesday posts. I’m shooting my friends Chesney and Conor in studio tomorrow so therefore this post is about what I’ve been looking at for ideas. I’ve been thinking a lot about low-key lighting and about how dramatic it can look. I love low-key lighting, how getting the shadows and light just right can either make or break a portrait. The following are photos I’ve been looking at for inspiration.

I’m probably gonna go more along the route of the last photo and add some glitter into the image aswell, just to see how it goes. I’ll post up some photos when they’re done!

New post series: Friday Bucket list #1

I’ve been horrible and neglecting this blog of late so I’ve gotten myself organised I’m starting a blogging series. One post type for Monday through Friday. Monday’s will be photo-shoots I’ve loved, Tuesday will be videos I’ve loved, Wednesday will be what’s inspiring me to make work at the moment, Thursday will be updates on my life (business venture, internship, college, holidays etc.) and finally, as you can see, Friday will be the things on my “bucket list” (things I’ve always wanted to do).

I’ve recently discovered the Day Zero Project, a website that lets you catalog “101 Things In a 1001 Days” and other things like things you want to do “someday” and things you’ve already done. I’m gonna work through the enumerated list one by one, and blog about each thing weekly. (That will keep me busy, there’s 142 things on the list!).

1. Fill a sketchbook with drawings

This is probably gonna be hard as I haven’t even picked up a drawing pencil since I did art in school about 5 years ago. I’m actually gonna try take art classes soon though so I’ll keep updates as to how that’s going.

For now though, I’m gonna share some sketchbook inspiration I’ve found:


Hopefully I can keep up with this. If I do, I’ll probably turn it into an art journal of some kind. I’ve been wanting to do something like that for so long and just never got around to it. Even after I bought art supplies and sketchbooks while I was in Boston last summer (Blicks Art Supplies FTW :D)

“Devoillee” Numero April 2012

The Numero spring 2012 fashion shoot is an ethereal exposition of spring style. The images are grainy and soft-foucsed, emphasising the model and the textures of the clothes. Wafts of chiffon frame the model and act as a sort of window to view the model through (In this, the shoot almost has a voyeuristic feel to it). The model herself adds contrast to the images, as her gaze is harsh and intense, contrasting with the rest of the image.ImageImageImageImage