New post series: Friday Bucket list #1

I’ve been horrible and neglecting this blog of late so I’ve gotten myself organised I’m starting a blogging series. One post type for Monday through Friday. Monday’s will be photo-shoots I’ve loved, Tuesday will be videos I’ve loved, Wednesday will be what’s inspiring me to make work at the moment, Thursday will be updates on my life (business venture, internship, college, holidays etc.) and finally, as you can see, Friday will be the things on my “bucket list” (things I’ve always wanted to do).

I’ve recently discovered the Day Zero Project, a website that lets you catalog “101 Things In a 1001 Days” and other things like things you want to do “someday” and things you’ve already done. I’m gonna work through the enumerated list one by one, and blog about each thing weekly. (That will keep me busy, there’s 142 things on the list!).

1. Fill a sketchbook with drawings

This is probably gonna be hard as I haven’t even picked up a drawing pencil since I did art in school about 5 years ago. I’m actually gonna try take art classes soon though so I’ll keep updates as to how that’s going.

For now though, I’m gonna share some sketchbook inspiration I’ve found:


Hopefully I can keep up with this. If I do, I’ll probably turn it into an art journal of some kind. I’ve been wanting to do something like that for so long and just never got around to it. Even after I bought art supplies and sketchbooks while I was in Boston last summer (Blicks Art Supplies FTW :D)

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