Friday post series #8: bucket list

Apologies for not posting yesterday, I was out all day. I know that’s no excuse, I’ve missed days before but I think I’ve been pretty good with this, so I should be forgiven :P.
This week on my bucket list post series it’s “complete a photography course”. This will be pretty easy, seeing as I’m interviewing for a photography course in two weeks (I still need a portfolio, eek). But I think I’m pretty confident about it so this might actually get done much sooner than I thought!

Have you ever done a photography course? What did you think?

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Friday post series #5: bucket list


This week its visit the Church and Dominican Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. I’ve been to Milan before and I absolutely loved it so this will be a welcome trip! This is the monastery where Leonardo Di Vinci painted The Last Supper. Definitely one to keep on the bucket list until I go!


Friday post series: #4: bucket list

So this week it’s “Bake 10 types of cupcakes“. I’ve never even baked ONE type so this will be hard! The last time I tried to bake cupcakes, they turned out horribly wrong.

So here’s the list:

1. Vanilla

2. Chocolate

3. Peanut butter (yes, that’s a thing ;))

4. Strawberry

5. Red Velvet

6. Pumpkin (really want to try this!)

7. Banana

8. Mocha / coffee

9. Tiramisu

10. Lemon

Friday post series #3: bucket list

So the third thing on my bucket list is “build a bookcase”. I love having things that I can say I’ve made myself and bookcase really seems like the perfect thing: it’s something I’ve made myself and it holds books (something I’m obsessed with).

Judging by my lack of handyman skills this will take FOREVER to actually come to fruition so for now here’s some pretty bookcases to give me some inspiration.

ImageImageImageImage Image


Friday post series #2: bucket list

I’ve had an uber busy weekend, from working to seeing the new exhibition in the Gallery of Photography to hanging my own photographs in a group exhibition so I’ve only got time to post about this series now. I’m sitting in my room, listening to the rain batter the window outside so I thought I might as well post this now. So sorry about it being a couple of days late!

#2: Celebrate folk traditions by attending Feile Iorras

Feile Iorras is an annual international folk festival held in Dublin in July.

“One of the main aims in setting up the Feile was to promote integration and understanding between the people of Erris and various communities throughout the world. This is done by inviting groups from around the world to take part in the festival and to maximize contact between the groups and the people of Erris during the Feile.”

Here are a few photos from last year’s festival:


New post series: Friday Bucket list #1

I’ve been horrible and neglecting this blog of late so I’ve gotten myself organised I’m starting a blogging series. One post type for Monday through Friday. Monday’s will be photo-shoots I’ve loved, Tuesday will be videos I’ve loved, Wednesday will be what’s inspiring me to make work at the moment, Thursday will be updates on my life (business venture, internship, college, holidays etc.) and finally, as you can see, Friday will be the things on my “bucket list” (things I’ve always wanted to do).

I’ve recently discovered the Day Zero Project, a website that lets you catalog “101 Things In a 1001 Days” and other things like things you want to do “someday” and things you’ve already done. I’m gonna work through the enumerated list one by one, and blog about each thing weekly. (That will keep me busy, there’s 142 things on the list!).

1. Fill a sketchbook with drawings

This is probably gonna be hard as I haven’t even picked up a drawing pencil since I did art in school about 5 years ago. I’m actually gonna try take art classes soon though so I’ll keep updates as to how that’s going.

For now though, I’m gonna share some sketchbook inspiration I’ve found:


Hopefully I can keep up with this. If I do, I’ll probably turn it into an art journal of some kind. I’ve been wanting to do something like that for so long and just never got around to it. Even after I bought art supplies and sketchbooks while I was in Boston last summer (Blicks Art Supplies FTW :D)