Wednesday post series: #3: what inspires me at the moment

This week it’s the website You Are Not A Photographer.
This isn’t so much an “inspiration” post as a “review” post. This site is AMAZING. As a photographer myself, I obviously find this hilarious but for other people it’d be hilarious too.
It’s a blog-style website, probably made with WordPress ;), it looks a little like a Tumblog (is that what you say? I don’t know, I don’t use Tumblr). People submit photographs by people who think they’re photographers but so obviously aren’t, like people who post every photo they ever take into a “Photography” album on Facebook.
Examples of awful photography include: a baby shoot, with the baby beside a food mixer, on a kitchen counter (sounds OK so far right? Wait for it…), beside this baby is a second baby… in the BOWL of the food mixer! What kind of vibe is this “Photographer” (the caption on the photo is “[Someone] Photography LLC”, who gave this person a licence?!) trying to convey? Cue dead baby jokes.
In short, this website is a goldmine on what NOT to do when photographing. One for the bookmarks, for sure.

Also, excuse the lateness of this post, my internet was down all day yesterday :(

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