Geraldine Lamanna – Powder Dance (Photoshoots I’ve loved #19)

I’ve been so behind on my blogging schedule at the moment, I’ve been so busy. *Regularly scheduled posting will resume shortly* (haha). Anyway, apologies and bad jokes aside, this week I’m going to talk about “Powder Dance” by Geraldine Lamanna. This series of photographs is amazing. She photographed dancers and used powder to accentuate the power and movement of the dance itself. Lamanna coated a dance instructor and her students with powder and let them show their moves to the camera. The resulting photographs are supposed to show “echoes” of movement. Compositionally, these photographs are perfect, the composition draws you in to the middle of the frame, to the dancer’s face. The lighting is great, spotlights illuminate the dancers and the powder separately so the viewer can see both equally well.ImageImageImageImageImage

What do you think of these?

All images from Peta Pixel, click on the image to go to the webpage.

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Wednesday post series #7: what inspires me at the moment


This week it’s Magnus Osterhult’s photographs of model Besa Sand. I came across these months ago on the Trend Hunter blog and I just kind of filed them away in my blogging notes and forgot about them. These are amazing. I’m of the school of thought that the more exposed a photograph is (within reason), the better it is so these photos are right up my alley! These are inspirational because I have a photo-shoot on Monday that I’m going to try a few new things out at, so these are exactly how I want these photos to look.
The photographs themselves are perfectly composed, the model is bathed in light and complemented by the dominant white colour of it. There are also light leaks and lens flare in some photos, which, usually people would say are a defect but in these photographs, they add to the capture and overall composition of the photograph.


All images from Trend Hunter, click on the image to go to the webpage

What do you think of these photos? Are they smutty or tasteful?

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Wednesday post series: #3: what inspires me at the moment

This week it’s the website You Are Not A Photographer.
This isn’t so much an “inspiration” post as a “review” post. This site is AMAZING. As a photographer myself, I obviously find this hilarious but for other people it’d be hilarious too.
It’s a blog-style website, probably made with WordPress ;), it looks a little like a Tumblog (is that what you say? I don’t know, I don’t use Tumblr). People submit photographs by people who think they’re photographers but so obviously aren’t, like people who post every photo they ever take into a “Photography” album on Facebook.
Examples of awful photography include: a baby shoot, with the baby beside a food mixer, on a kitchen counter (sounds OK so far right? Wait for it…), beside this baby is a second baby… in the BOWL of the food mixer! What kind of vibe is this “Photographer” (the caption on the photo is “[Someone] Photography LLC”, who gave this person a licence?!) trying to convey? Cue dead baby jokes.
In short, this website is a goldmine on what NOT to do when photographing. One for the bookmarks, for sure.

Also, excuse the lateness of this post, my internet was down all day yesterday :(