Wednesday post series #1: what inspires me at the moment

Following on from yesterday’s post about series and the like, here is the first of my Wednesday posts. I’m shooting my friends Chesney and Conor in studio tomorrow so therefore this post is about what I’ve been looking at for ideas. I’ve been thinking a lot about low-key lighting and about how dramatic it can look. I love low-key lighting, how getting the shadows and light just right can either make or break a portrait. The following are photos I’ve been looking at for inspiration.

I’m probably gonna go more along the route of the last photo and add some glitter into the image aswell, just to see how it goes. I’ll post up some photos when they’re done!

Coming to the end…

So, it’s the end of my Summer in Boston. Sadface :( It’s been an amazing two months… from getting fired, getting chased by a Chinese guy for not paying him for food, watching my housemates play endless games of beer pong, getting a museum internship, taking millions of photographs, visiting as many museums as possible, endless trips to 7-11 & Dunkin Donuts (they must know us at this stage…), reading a million books, being kept awake by our “lovely” neighbour who sang into the wee hours, endless trips to Target for food and last but not least, the beer pong leader-board! It’s been an amazing summer, gonna miss it so much…. <3