Tuesday post series #9: vidoes I’ve loved


This week it’s a series of videos from Peta Pixel, on historic photographic processes. These are really interesting and informative and I suggest you check them out (even if there’s a lot of them ;)).

What do you think of them?

Also, do you like this series? I’ve only been getting feedback on certain things and I’d like to know what you think about what I’m doing. I have a lot of ideas for this blog and I should probably tighten up what I’m doing so give me your thoughts in the comments, thank you!

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Tuesday post series #8: videos I’ve loved (Baldwin S/S13 Lookbook)



Not much to say about this really. It’s everything a fashion film / look-book film should be: edgy, focused on the models and clothes and color graded to perfection. Watch and be amazed


Tuesday post series #7: HTC One advertisement


This week I want to talk about something different from the usual “arty” videos; an advertisement. I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while but I keep forgetting. This is incredible, I absolutely love it. It’s an advertisement for the HTC One phone. The ad depicts a fashion shoot, conducted while falling from a plane. The shoot is done by a photography student, on the phone. The ad itself is shot very creatively, with other people (apart from the photographer, model and cameraman) free-falling with smoke canisters on their backs to emit plumes of smoke as they fall. This adds to the overall drama of the piece. The camera moves with the model, as she moves through the plane and jumps out and then seamlessly cuts to a wide shot of the photographer photographing and directing her. This ad would make me want to buy the phone, I suppose that’s the sign of a good advertisement, for maybe I was just hooked as soon as I heard “photography” (tell me what you think in the comments! :P).

What do you think of this ad? Does it make you want to buy the phone?

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Tuesday post series #6: videos I’ve loved


This is incredible. It’s a time-lapse video put together entirely by shots taken by the astronauts on board the International Space Station. It shows the rotation of the earth and the stars from the window of the ISS and from a space shuttle.


Tuesday post series #5: vidoes I’ve loved


This week its a short from Italian Vogue named “Rico The Bulls**t Dodger”. This is awesome. It’s short entirely in black and white, the model is dressed impeccably (obviously) and his face is painted like a Day of The Dead sugar skull. I think that adds to the piece as a whole, as it is completely out of the ordinary and so memorable. The Spanish mariachi band-style music that the model is dancing too adds to the piece also.


Tuesday post series #4: vidoes I’ve loved

This incredible. It’s a time-lapse of European cities. It’s shot so well, there’s no flicker between shots, the transitions are smooth. Plus it’s shot with the camera I own, so it’s amazing to see what could be done with it!

Tuesday post series #1: videos I’ve loved

I have no words to describe how incredible this video is. It’s shot on DSLRs and it’s about how creative people make work and how the creative industries are working today. It’s so inspiring. It probably fueled my ambition to become a film-maker even more after seeing how good this was. It’s just… wow. <3