Photoshoots I’ve loved #15

This week on the fifteenth post in my series on “photo-shoots I’ve loved”, its David Jordan’s long exposure, out of focus images of fireworks. I’m always fascinated by long-exposure photographs so I think these are amazing, they look like abstract paintings. (They wouldn’t look out-of-place on a gallery wall either – it’s the wannabe curator in me coming out!). The composition is perfect, the viewer is immediately drawn towards the middle of the photograph, to the centre of the firework.


What do you think of them? Do you think they are too “arty”?

All images from Laughing Squid, click on the image to go to the webpage

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Photoshoots I’ve loved #13

Hello again, I’m back to continue my series on inspiring and incredible images. This one is “Beauty School Drop-out” by Michael David Adams. The images are gaudy, with candy-couloured hair and strong makeup. This is reminiscent of Charlotte Free or even Helena Bonham-Carter in some images. The tight crop of most of the images adds to the overall composition, making you really look at the model’s hair and makeup.



Watch this space, I might have an extra something-something for you during the week (or even later tonight;)).
All images from Trend Hunter, click the image to go to the webpage

What do you think? Is the makeup with the hair too much?

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