Don’t Touch My Universe

I came across this fashion shoot the other day on the Trend Hunter blog and was completely blown away. It was shot by Frank Bayn and Steff Rosenberger-Ochs (what an amazing surname!). The images feature a model clad in couture and staring dreamily at the camera, looking for all the world a spoiled little brat. The viewer at first looks at the model’s haughty expression and suggestive pose and then notices scenes of destruction and mayhem in the windows (I think they’re mirrors and only a motif of windows… but someone correct me if I’m wrong) behind the model. It is almost as if the model is frozen in time and doesn’t notice the destruction around her. The title “Don’t Touch…” seems to say that the model doesn’t want the luxury and prestige portrayed in the photographs to go away and wants to be self-absorbed and oblivious forever. I think this is also saying that there are more important things to be worrying about than looking good, which is a breath of fresh air in this consumerist, “buy, buy, buy”, “more, more, more” culture we have.


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