Updates / Off Switch issue one.

I’m horribly inconsistent with this blog… and I’ve failed miserably at my Project365, which is terrible but I have lots of ideas for posts for the blog so I’m going to at least post regularly. Ideas for posts include: reviews of magazines, editorials, StumbleUpon finds and websites, my own photo-shoots, when I start a FETAC Level 6 in Photography in October and over the summer, I have so much planned. Moving swiftly on… speaking of magazines, I just discovered an AMAZING new magazine: Off Switch. It’s available in both electronic and print forms, although, I think the print version is a little expensive (€18). They only have one issue at the moment but wow… amazing. They’re releasing issue two at the end of the month and I’m excited for it already! Definitely one to watch (along with SuperMassiveBlackHole… shameless plug: IT’S IRISH!)

From Off Switch website: “Off Switch Magazine was born out of a desire to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to get up and act upon their dreams. Whether that dream is taking a pottery class, learning to sew, starting a band, or becoming a self-employed artist, Off Switch is here to inpsire and remind readers that all things are possible. Full of beautiful images and words with the intention of sparking ideas and motivating mindfullness of self and surroundings, Off Switch is first and formost a reminder to live life fully…without an off switch.” – Off Switch magazine

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