Photoshoot’s I’ve loved #12

Apologies for the lack of regular posts…. I’ve been sick and my iMac hasn’t been working properly. I called AppleCare today though, and wiped the hard drive so hopefully that will fix it and I’ll be back to regularly posting. So, now we’re on to the twelfth post in the “photoshoots I’ve loved” series. This week it’s Andoni and Arantxa’s images of Natalia Siodmiak for Elle Ukraine, April 2012. These are gorgeous photos. The editing almost makes them look like film photos and the simple design and sets just add to the overall look and feel of the photos. (Not much else to say, really!)


Do you like these photos? What do you think?

All images from Fashion Gone Rouge, click on the image to go to the webpage.

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Bucket list post #9



Apologies for the lack of posting, I had trouble with my iMac last week and then I was sick for a few days this week but I’ll get back to regular posting from now on! I also made a tumblr so go check that out. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet but I’ll figure it out. On to this post: number nine in my bucket list series: photograph the illuminated Eiffel Tower. Everyone should visit Paris at some point in their lives, it’s just one of those iconic cities that everyone should see (also the subject of that incredible Woody Allen film: Midnight In Paris). I’ve been to Paris once before but that was when I wasn’t that much into photography so I didn’t take any photos, I was also very young so I think my dad was in charge of photo-taking duties. I’m looking to go to Paris for Paris Photo in November (if I can get someone to go with!). I’ll get to photograph the Eiffel Tower soon!