Friday post series #7: bucket list


This week on the bucket list series, post 5, it’s “get something pierced”. I already have eight ear piercings (and one tattoo, but that’s another story ;)). I got my lobes pierced first when I was 15 and then just went from there. I got my cartilage pierced on the top of my right ear and after a bad breakup I wanted a change so I pierced each lobe twice more. My boyfriend paid for my scaffold piercing for my 20th birthday (the first of my birthdays we were together). I’m currently stretching out (gauging) my innermost lobe piercings.
Anyway, on to the actual post… I want to get my nose pierced. I think everyone should get SOMETHING pierced at some stage, even if it’s just your lobes once, they look great and you can just take them out if you’re sick of them. I just think nose piercings look great, you can have a ring in them or a stud, which is more conservative. (I don’t think my mother would be very pleased with me though!).

Do you have any piercings? If so, where? Do you like them? Do you think piercings are tacky?

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