Thursday post series #1: personal updates

Here’s the first of my Thursday posts: updates on everything that’s happened to me in the last few weeks. At the moment, I’m in the process of registering a business name for my new venture: Chai Media (partnership with my friend [and model for my studio shoot today] Chesney). We’re in pre-production for a couple of advertisements for my local Credit Union so that’s keeping us busy. Between that and my current internship at The Picture Rooms photography studio on Fridays and Saturdays, I’m pretty much busy all day every day! It’s good being busy though, I feel like I need to be out doing things every day so this is fueling that nicely!

I had a studio shoot with Chesney today, like I said, for my portfolio for college for next year. It went so well, we played around with low-key lighting and silver glitter for the day! I’ll post up the edited images next week. For now though, it’s sleep time for me!

Major upload to Flickr

Had a load of photographs just sitting on my hard-drive that I needed to upload to Flickr and I’m not back in work til Wednesday so I thought I might as well. They’re shoots from February and March of this year with my friend Sarah. Most turned out the way I wanted, so I’m happy with both of them. Had a photo-shoot with Conor & Tara a few weeks ago, which was great seeing as I hadn’t had a proper shoot in so long. Not since college, which is terrible, I know. So tomorrow, I’m gonna go to Harvard and take as many photos as I can. Just spend the day & take photos. Probably need to do that. I feel like I’m stuck in a creative rut at the moment. Bought a good scrapbook the other day. I’m going to start photo-journaling with the prints from the Lomography film I bought last week. It’s redscale! :D I need to start writing again too… I don’t know why I haven’t in so long… probably because of that horrible creative rut. Silly dry spots for creating… >.< Meanwhile, I’m learing a load in my gallery internship. Like, how to use archive tape instead of Pritt stick to stick photos down because archive tape is non-acidic & Pritt stick isn’t. I’ll be sad to go home. Missing my boyfriend terribly though… just three more weeks….

Fate is awesome :D

So I’ve had the weirdest stroke of luck ever, it must be fate! I got chatting to a woman on the bus the other week & it turned out that her brother-in-law was a photographer. I gave her my email address, in the hope that something would come out of it. He emailed me later on that day & suggested websites with photographers’ listings on them to email. I emailed all the photographers I could & eventually got in contact with an art dealer by the name of Richard Morehouse. I emailed him & he agreed to take me on for the summer. So I’ve been working with him since Tuesday. It’s awesome. I get to scan & archive photos all day! Boston is finally looking up! Missing my love though… but that can’t really be helped… only, two, more, months…

Good news & bad news…

Bad night last night, my iPhone was stolen. That’s just great. I can’t contact anyone until I get a new phone. I was supposed to be photographing Tara & Conor today too and I’ve no way of contacting them… great. Just wonderful.

Good news though, I got an internship in Savas Studios for the summer. The place looks amazing. I’m so excited to start. Hopefully I’ll get more experience there then I did when I was with D-Light…

Boston baby! :D