I’m 20…ew

So the birthday festivities are over, for now at least. Going out again next weekend with people from college. The weekend was great apart from a certain ex… more on that later. We went into town on Saturday and had a Photo Scavenger Hunt (photograph as many things on the list as possible). Got a couple of lovely shots of the cherry blossom trees and the tulips in Stephan’s Green park. (Photos are on my DeviantArt page). That was great, got a lot of great candid shots. Then I had a house party. My lovely and thoughtful ex, Alan turned up with a book for me: “Thus Spake Zarathustra” by Nietzsche. I was so offended and angry, I spent the better part of the night (up til about 11:30) crying on my stairs. Then we decided to go outside and burn the book on the barbecue. I got a lot of really cool photographs out of that, so it wasn’t a complete loss. Yesterday I went to the cinema with my boyfriend and tried to calm myself down after Saturday night.

Photos are here:


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