Goals / resolutions / aspirations

I thought I’d share with you all my goals, aspirations and resolutions for the new year. I’m planning on completing my 21 Before 22 list and then I have other goals for the year too.

21 Before 22 list:

1. Create an inspiration board / mood board.
Already kind of started, I’m collecting inspiring things from magazines and things & keeping them in a file. I need to buy a corkboard or a whiteboard to pin them onto).
2. Create an inspiring studio space.
Ideally this would be a film production studio too, but one can dream. This probably isn’t as feasible as thought it would be. I’ll probably have a studio space in college when I start my BA in October though.
3. Discover new artists / bands
4. Project 365.
This isn’t going to be completed. I tried last year and didn’t finish. Maybe a 52 weeks project seems more feasible for this year.
5. Shoot videos / photos for money
6. Make business cards / blog cards
This has been on my “Future” to-do list for so long… Definitely doing it this year though. I’ve gotten a couple of people asking about the blog & having to give them the entire URL is a bit crazy, I’d much rather have a card I could just hand them.
7. Start video blogging.
Not so sure about this one, I hate the sound of my own voice… I was going to start this with one the girls from college & I didn’t get around to it.
8. Design my dream wardrobe
Already started this. I used Cupcakes & Cashmere’s “staple wardrobe” list. I just need to purge everything else from it..
9. Have a mother / daughter day.
Will probably happen some weekend, so that’s pretty easy
10. Have a solo exhibition / group exhibition
A group one will happen in February, all going to plan, so eeek
11. Hang my own photos
Will also probably happen in February
12. Start graphic design properly
13. Learn CS5 Design Standard.
14. Cover my bedroom walls in photos
15. Shoot all my camera film
16. Make business goals
I need to properly sit down and make business goals for Chai Media and Aisling Keavey Artist
17. Buy a new camera
18. Start practicing guitar again
19. Make enough money to live comfortably
20. Update CV regularly / keep current
21. Start putting myself forward for projects

Goals for 2013

1. Try painting
2. Study BA in Print & Time-based Media in Wimbledon College of Art in London
3. Set up an Etsy or Society Six shop to sell prints
4. Work on a film project
5. Read the Bible weekly
6. Double my blog followers
7. Learn French
8. Stop biting my nails
9. Find a staple bag / coat
10. Make more art / be more creative

What are some of your goals for the new year? Are any the same as mine?

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