Updates and review of Instrumental Art exhibition

The last couple of days have been hectic and mad busy. I was out shooting two days in a row on the beach, all day last week. I had to do a video shoot on Wednesday and then I was photographing for my portfolio for next year on Thursday. I got a phone call from a girl at The Picture Rooms on Thursday too, confirming my interview for an internship for the summer. That’s tomorrow, I’ll blog about it after! On Saturday, I headed into town with Ian, supposedly to see the IADT Photography graduate exhibition at Moxie Studios but we never got there! We ended up having lunch at Cactus Jack’s in Jervis Arcade and then wandering up to Graphic Studio gallery in Temple bar, where I asked Catherine for portfolio advice, which was really helpful. We then headed up to Grafton st for a wander around and I saw the Instrumental Art exhibition sign and dragged Ian upstairs to see it.

It’s an exhibition of different mixed media sculptures, all made into the shape of instruments. It’s a really unusual concept and it has two of my favourite things: music and art so I was in my element! The standout pieces for me were: a sculpture of pencils, made into the shape of an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar painted with a portrait of Kurt Cobain and an acoustic guitar painted with a picture of Phil Lynott (swoon), I’m lusting after that piece, but at nearly €2,000 it’ll have to wait until I’m rich!

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