Review of Inika Organic eyeliner in Sapphire / Caudlie S.O.S Thirst quenching serum / Monu body cream / Figs & Rouge peppermint & Tea tree lip balm

I received this month’s Glossybox last week and I’ve only had a chance to review the products now. I tried them all out today and I like all of them. I haven’t had a chance to try the straightening balm yet but when I do I’ll be sure to post a review.

Inika eyeliner in Sapphire

This eyeliner looks black on the pencil so I was so surprised to see that it came out BLUE but then I saw the name on the end of the pencil… (A reason why I’m a fail, I don’t read stuff properly -_-). It went on blue, obviously, and it went on very well. It kind of clumped a tiny bit around the corners of my eyes at the very top of the lashes but that’s probaby because I don’t usually use pencil eyeliner (liquid FTW). It had a very nice feel to it, it was nice & soft so it didn’t hurt going on like other pencil eyeliners I’ve used (the reason I use liquid & a brush, by the way). It gave a very good coat with one layer, I didn’t need to go over it. All in all, it’s a really nice product & it’s organic!

Caudlie S.O.S Thirst quenching serum

This is a serum for dehydrated skin (I definitely need this!) that you put on under your moisturizer and another organic product (they really like that this month). I only needed to use a tiny amount to cover my whole face (which is just as well as the tube was only half full & I could only get that tiny amount out anyway!). It took an age to dry in before I could apply my moisturizer. It kind of left my skin feeling tight, but that tightness went away after a few minutes and left my skin feeling soft and have a dewy texture. I don’t know if I like this product yet, I’ll use it for a few more days & then see what it’s like.

Monu body cream

This is a really thick body cream that smells amazing, like proper body cream (that lovely expensive product smell, you get what I mean). It feels sticky after you apply it and it takes an age to dry. Again, I don’t really know if I like it yet, I’ll use it a few days & see if I do after that.

Figs and Rouge

This is another organic product, that, when I opened the tin, looked like it was about to melt away. It was very soft and probably shouldn’t have been, it might just have been the shipping. It kind of has a bit of a medicinal feel, as it’s peppermint and tea tree flavour. However, it does have the most amazing smell. It kind of goes on a bit clumpy but it took away all the dead and peeling skin on my lips and left my lips feeling super soft, so I’ll probably get another one when I use this one up.


All in all, a very good April Glossybox, I’ll see what the May box has in it before I see about unsubscribing from the service. I have lots of reviews and nice things planned to blog about over the summer so stayed tuned!

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