Aisling Keavey

Photographic artist

Production meetings

In our initial production meetings, we settled on the idea of doing an ENG of an interview with Suzanne about her process and an interview with a GP about alternative medicines. As our idea wasn’t liked, we changed it to include an interview with an acupuncturist instead. I think that the initial idea would have worked as it was visually pleasing and the subject matter was interesting. We are, however, doing an interview with an acupuncturist and a GP. I think it would be good to keep Suzanne on stand-by as contingency, but I don’t think the rest of my group share my views!

Our ENG filming date is coming up so in the next post I will research some professional interview techniques.

I researched some opening and closing squences of television programmes for our production meeting tomorrow:
Game of Thrones opening
Fringe opening
True Blood opening

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