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I researched both the conservative (Christian) view of homosexuality and the liberal view of homosexuality.

The Traditional Conservative Perspective

The conservative view on homosexuality is mostly driven by religion, using several religious references to support main arguments. First and foremost, the conservative stance claims that homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle and that it is something one does. The cause of this behaviour lies mainly in poor parenting, previous sexual molestation that usually occurs during the childhood years, and even demon possession. It is believed that the addiction of homosexuality entraps individuals in the behaviour, making it difficult to escape.
Homosexuality is sinful, according to the conservative view, as it is unnatural, abnormal, and deviant and mirrors that of disordered behaviour. This condition threatens the family unit and thus, the social stability both in and around the family.

The Liberal Stance

The liberal stance on homosexuality is a much more welcoming and accepting one as it focuses its arguments on a basic human need – love. From this perspective, homosexuality is something one is – an orientation that is not chosen. The argument for this lies in the explanation that homosexuality is genetically predetermined and that unknown environmental factors in early childhood affects certain genes, causing one to be homosexual.
It is not sinful to be a homosexual according to the liberals, if it is safe, consensual and committed in terms of a relationship. It is normal and natural to have these feelings and live this lifestyle, since sexual orientation is fixed and cannot be changed – thus, not curable, as the conservatives claim it is. Therefore, the children of homosexual parents will not be subject to homosexual traits as homosexuality is indeed individual The children of homosexuals will most likely be heterosexual themselves and be less judgmental and more accepting of other lifestyles and ways of living.

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