Ideas generation for studio programme

Here is the full list of all ideas that Group C had for our studio programme for TV Studio Production

1- Piercings.
2- Effects of Media on Youth.
3- Youth Culture.
4- Music Scene in Ireland.
5- Sports Show.
6- Crafts Show.
7- New Technology (Gadgets).
8- Religion.
9- Fashion in Ireland (Teen males/females, older women).
10- Unconventional Medicines.
11- The Ipod Revolution.
12- Mount Joy (Life Behing Bars).
13- Teen News.
14- Homelessness.
15- Disadvantaged Areas vs. Wealthy Areas.
16- Humorous Trash Show (Format of Top Gear).
17- Paranormal Activity in Ireland.
18- Irish Litrature.
19- UFO Sightings in Ireland.
20- Multicultural show (Feat. Worldwide Cuisine)
21- Climate Change.
22- Psychics and Tarot Card Reading.
23- Astrology in Ireland.
24- Themed Review Show.
25- Insight into Cruelty Towards Children.
26- Beaches of Dublin.
27- Cult Religion.
28. Job Seekers Show.
29. Colaiste Dhulaigh Courses (and where you can go with the degrees).
30. Animal Shelters/Cruelty
31. The Freshers Guide to College.
32. Animation in Ireland.
33. Changes in Dublin over the Decades.
34. Welcome to “Coolock”.
35. Tourists Guide to Dublin.
36. Discover Hidden Dublin.
37. Urban Exploration (Abandoned Houses and Derelict Buldings).
38. Conspiracy Theories.
39. What is Piracy, and am I a Pirate?
40. Irish Bikers.
41. The 17A from Killbarrack to Blanch.
42. Hopes and Dreams of Irelands Youth.
43. The Unholy Cost of a Wedding.
44.Traveller Communities in Dublin.
45. Con Artists and Pick Pockets.
46. Crime in our City.
47. The Bull Island Nature Reserve.
48. Drug use and Young People.
49. Homosexuality.
50. Teenage Mothers in Ireland.
51. Dental Care in Dublin.
52. Primary Production in Ireland (Forestry, Fishing, Farming and Mining)
53. My Therapist the Taxi Driver/ Hairdresser.
54. Dublins Pubs and Bars.
55. Politics for the Younger Generation.
56. Travelling from the Country for College.
57. Internet Relationships.
58. Russian/Thai Brides in Ireland.
59. Strange Bodies.
60. The Brain Drain of Irish Youth (Unable to clothed and feed themselves).
61. Cross Border Shopping.
62. Death by Alcohol.
63. Irish Perception of Branding.

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