Home in a month… craziness. Still haven’t been paid for my collections internship yet, he said he’d give me $50, which isn’t nearly as much as I thought he’d give me for three weeks work, but I can’t really ask him for more money. All I do is sit & get to look at photos all day! :D Photo-wise, all of the photos I’ve been taking are of beer pong & drinking in the house, which is pretty much all we do here. I’m off work til Monday so I’m gonna go somewhere & take photos… There’s major drama going on at the moment, which I don’t even want to be involved with but am anyway. But that’s pretty much sorted out anyway. Looking at doing an internship with the Photographic Resource Centre in Boston University, or Aperture or Magnum… choices choices choices! :D Currently downloading my Facebook information, which gives you everything you’ve ever put on Facebook in ZIP file… it’s been downloading the last ten minutes… scary as hell… Not putting ANYTHING up on Facebook again!

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