Flickr page

That’s my new Flickr page, I’ll try get it up to speed with what I had on my DeviantArt page ASAP. I used to have an account but I got bored and discovered DA so I deleted it but it’s been resurrected :D

Edit: there’s a link to it in the sidebar.

Also, I really don’t like being told I left DA because I thought it was “beneath” me because “one moderator posted one article” (this was the same person who didn’t understand why I watermarked my photographs), it’s not “beneath” me, I didn’t leave becuase of ONE article by ONE person. I left becuase I don’t like my rights being infringed: “There is something that I personally find VERY unethical going on here…and by that I mean extremely. Sadly many on deviantART are not even aware it is happening, I would say 99.5% percent aren’t from my experiences. I am not quite sure what gives deviantART the right to think that they can make money off my images and use them as a lead in for a reseller program to but that is exactly what they are doing with each and every single photograph that is put up on deviantART that contains EXIF info. This is downright sleazy. Shouldn’t *I* as an artist say how my images are being used within a commercial environment? You had better believe it. It is, after all, MY intellectual property.” – I also don’t like being bombarded with pornographic images if I don’t have the under 18 filter on, I did have it on, but moderation on that site NEEDS to change.

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