Aisling Keavey

Photographic artist

Accidental Journeys (2016)

Accidental Journeys (2016) traces both the historical and contemporary journey the Diaspora take from Ireland to England. By photographing the journey from East Croydon to Gatwick Airport using celluloid film and superimposing dates of famine ship sailings from Cobh to America in the 1840s over the images, the photographs connect the contemporary migration journey with that of the historical and recontextualise the famine ship journey within the contemporary migration story. Accidental Journeys references the metamorphosis and change brought about by immigration and the massive change the Irish Diaspora faced when immigrating from Ireland to England.

The work is concerned with the disruption the migrant goes through uprooting from their home and immigrating to a potentially alien place to start a new life, which is referenced in the use of slow shutter speeds to form abstract images.

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