Aisling Keavey is a London and Dublin-based photographic artist, moving-image maker, curator and writer.

Aisling Keavey is an internationally exhibited photographic artist who has developed a distinctive aesthetic through extensive practice-led research, moving image and photographic printmaking.

Keavey’s current practice fuses the traditional with the contemporary and is concerned with issues of personal, collective and conflict history, the Irish Diaspora, displacement, migration journeys, post-colonialism, decolonisation and subversion of historical narrative.

Keavey’s body of research themes are manifested through investigative image-based works that aim to inform the audience. By using photography and moving image, Keavey is preoccupied with the materiality of the image, the process through which the image is made, and informing and subverting the audience’s perception of a work. This approach considers how the physical and material process of the mechanical focusing of a lens and the act of making an analogue photographic image is used as a metaphor to relate to political history and also as a method of research and practice.