Birthday “haul”

This has been a long time coming, my birthday was over a month ago but I just got my “big” presents today today: a Nikon D7000, an 18-105mm lens, an SB-700 external flash and a batter grip for the camera, so squee! I didn’t get many presents mostly money but the presents I did get were really thoughtful so I <3 them. I got an iTunes voucher, a voucher for Sheldon Photographic in Airside in Swords (I’m gonna use it to get my Polaroid camera looked at, I think I broke it -_-), a River Island voucher and two HMV vouchers. I bought tights with the River Island voucher and box sets of Game Of Thrones series 1 and Fringe series 1-3 with the HMV vouchers.

Here’s the presents I got:

Newbridge Silverwear USB pen (C)Aisling Keavey 2012
Newbridge Silverwear USB pen (C)Aisling Keavey 2012
Paperblank blank notebook (C)Aisling Keavey 2012
Newbridge Silverwear keyring (C)Aisling Keavey 2012
Dior J’Adore perfume (C)Aisling Keavey 2012
The second Hunger Games book (C)Aisling Keavey 2012
Uglydoll teddy, called “Tray” (C)Aisling Keavey 2012
A guestbook that everyone wrote messages in (C)Aisling Keavey 2012
A photo album (C)Aisling Keavey 2012
A Hult & Quist bracelet (C)Aisling Keavey 2012
Camera necklace (C)Aisling Keavey 2012
Necklace with an “A” charm on it (C)Aisling Keavey

I also got a green drop charm from Ian but the photo didn’t upload for some reason… how never.

I’ll have another blog post up tomorrow at some point and then next week, a post on my first impressions of the camera with some sample photos and video.

Until then,

Stay golden,

Aisling x

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