Aisling Keavey

Photographic artist

I’m 20…ew

So the birthday festivities are over, for now at least. Going out again next weekend with people from college. The weekend was great apart from a certain ex… more on that later. We went into town on Saturday and had a Photo Scavenger Hunt (photograph as many things on the list as possible). Got a couple of lovely shots of the cherry blossom trees and the tulips in Stephan’s Green park. (Photos are on my DeviantArt page). That was great, got a lot of great candid shots. Then I had a house party. My lovely and thoughtful ex, Alan turned up with a book for me: “Thus Spake Zarathustra” by Nietzsche. I was so offended and angry, I spent the better part of the night (up til about 11:30) crying on my stairs. Then we decided to go outside and burn the book on the barbecue. I got a lot of really cool photographs out of that, so it wasn’t a complete loss. Yesterday I went to the cinema with my boyfriend and tried to calm myself down after Saturday night.

Photos are here:

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This entry was posted on April 11, 2011 by in Photography.
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